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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are my blinds made?

    All our blinds are made in Germany and shipped to your doorsteps.

  2. Are there any cost for import and shipping?

    GermanShades LLC handles all the paperwork – there are no extra cost for you.

  3. What is the lead time?

    Our lead time is approx. 4 weeks – sometimes it is faster and sometimes we need a few days extra.

  4. Can I order swatches before I order my blinds?

    We want you to order swatches to feel and touch and try out. You can order up to 5 swatches for free - additional swatches are $5 each.

  5. What if I have some special questions or requirements?

    A picture says and shows more than 1000 words. Please email us pictures and your requests to and we will get back to you with all the answers.

How do I measure my new bottom up top down blinds?

What style of window or door you want to shade – find your style here:

Sliding Window

inside mount to wall or casing (installation depth is over ¾ inch)

Single Hung/Double Hung Window

inside mount to wall/casing (installation depth is over ¾ inch)

Casement Window

inside mount (installation depth is over ¾ inch)

Tilt and Turn Window

inside mount drill free or permanent

Crank Out Window

inside mount (installation depth is over ¾ inch)

Picture Window

inside mount to wall or casing (installation depth is over ¾ inch)

Bay Window

inside mount installation – please consult us for perfect measurement.

French Door (opens out)

outside mount with brackets

Patio Door (opens in)

outside mount with brackets

Sliding Door

unfortunately not suitable. Please check roller shades instead HERE

Folding Door

inside mount or drill free installation

Lift and Sliding Door

inside mount is only available if depth is over 1 ½ inches (!)

Narrow Depth Inside Mount Installation

Many homeowners prefer an inside mount installation to their historic windows or their window casing – but most of the time the depth is only about ½ inch. For this challenge, we developed a narrow depth installation plate so you can still install our bottom up top down blinds.

Please measure for your new blinds precisely – the better your measurements the better is the custom fit. For all inside mount installation, we deduct only 1/4 inch in width.

Installation Instructions (Glossary)

All the definitions you need for installing your blinds

Inside Mount Installation

The blind is installed to the inside of a window casing, to the glass stops of a tilt and turn window, or between a window trim. The blind is almost flush or recess to the window – a minimum depth of ½ inch is required for this installation. This installation is suitable for tilt and turn windows, sliding windows, casement windows, double/single hung window and folding doors.

Surface Mount Installation

The blind is installed to the outside of the unit and requires brackets for the installment. The unit protrudes out about 1½ inches. This installation is used for French doors, windows with not the required depth available or if a surface mount is desired. Surface mount is also required if your window has true divided grids which prevents from an inside mount installation.

Drill Free Installation

Drill free installation is required when a standard permanent installation voids the warranty of the window/door manufacturer or you prefer a drill free installation. We offer drill free installation with clips or with a glue plate/glue strip.

Permanent Installation

Permanent installation requires that the mounting parts get installed via small screws to the window trim, the window itself or the door. Permanent inside mount installation is the most common way to install bottom up top down blinds.

Bottom Up Top Down Blinds

Bottom up Top down blinds can be operated in either direction top or down and can be moved to any position of the window/door. The blind is installed with small mounting parts to each corner of the window permanent or non-permanent – there are no strings running across your glass. No pull strings are needed to operate the blinds which improves child safety tremendously.

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