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We specialize in one product only: bottom-up top-down blinds. All products are custom made in Germany by highly skilled men and women – this keeps our cost down and we pass this saving on to you.

About Us

GermanShades LLC offers the ultimate solution for your window treatment needs. We have over 40 years of combined experience in bringing pleated blinds and shades from Germany to North America. During this time we perfected with our German manufactures the process of custom making the blinds and shades as well as distribution and installation – all with you and your budget in mind.

The blinds and shades are inspected by trained workers for proper craftsmanship after every production step and surpass a final quality check before air-shipped to our USA location. From here, your blinds and shades are forwarded directly to your doorstep.

Do It Yourself

Our goal is to make your design finding process and ordering as simple as possible. 3 easy steps and a do-it-yourself installation - that's all you need.

Ask An Expert

For question regarding our blinds, how to measure or finding the right fabric, please contact us at heidi@germanshades.com - it is our pleasure to help.

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A Window Treatment Company, You Can Trust

German Shades is a trusted source that can provide you with blinds and shades of the best quality. It is to bring a significant difference to the home space where you can easily install it. More so, we offer different types of shades which include roller and honeycomb shades. As for the blinds, we offer pleated blinds that are of amazing colors. Meanwhile, you may also have swatches to choose a color that may suit your home insides the best. It will enhance the interior of your home and give it an appealing look.

Top Notch Quality

We offer blinds and shades of top-notch quality to bring value and offer a sophisticated look to your home.

Easy Customization

You can get customized designs for the blinds and shades you want to install in your home to enhance it to the maximum.

Variety of Swatches

Our professionals provide you with a variety of swatches to choose from, a color that may suit your home interior the best.

An Exquisite Look

The professionals we have on board intend to give your home an exquisite look that may outstand your home among others.

3 Easy Steps

We bring you an easy way out to get the blinds and shades of your own choice. They can give your home an appealing look and enhance its ambiance. Moreover, you can get these by following these three simple steps:

Get in Touch

You can get in touch with our team of certified professionals to go through the types of blinds and shades we work on.

Share Your Requirements

Every individual has their ideas regarding the enhancement of their house so you must also share your requirements first.

Place the Order

After sharing your requirements and choosing a suitable blind or shade, this is the time to place an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at the common questions that may help you with your queries regarding our shades and blinds.

Honeycomb shades offer value to your home insides by maintaining a balanced temperature. To put it forth, the best aspect of getting honeycomb shades is that you get control of the daylight that enters your space. Also, they can help you keep your privacy intact.

You should get the best quality blinds and shades because they last longer than usual. Moreover, they offer protection from ultraviolet rays that do not let your furniture fade from daylight exposure.

You can get customized pleated blinds for your home by getting in touch with our experts through our email address: heidi@GermanShades.com. However, you can also share your insights with our team to get their expert suggestions.

You should go through swatches before placing an order because it saves you time. Also, it gives you a better idea of the color that may choose your home interior the best and enhance it in the best way.


If you want to give your property a new look, you can change the blinds or shades of your home. German Shades is a reliable business that has a potential customer base for a reason. They offer top-notch blinds and shades to bring value to your property.

Dorothy C. Customer

I wanted to enhance my living space for which I was searching for the right source. That's when I came across German Shades and glad I did. They offer the most amazing blinds and shades that can bring a significant difference to your home.

Paul M. Customer

My house is at the location where I get direct exposure to daylight. So, I was planning to put shades on my window to save the interior and search for the best quality shades. One of my friends recommended German Shades at that time. So, I decided to get their service and it turned out to be one of the best decisions.

Fred A. Customer

It was last month when I hired the team of German Shades and I must say the things they are doing, they are doing it right. Also, their workers are super efficient and carry out tasks seamlessly.

Gary S. Customer

Get to Know About Us!

We offer blinds and shades of the most beautiful designs. Oftentimes, the designs and color get trendy. Moreover, we have skilled personnel to cater to your requirements. To know more about us, you may drop us a call or message.
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