Honeycomb Shades

Solid Colors, Prints and Patterns - Over 200 fabrics to choose from.

  • Honeycomb shades for your bedrooms – fabric is light blocking.

    Key Features…

    • our shades are only 1 inch in depth – perfect for any inside mount installation
    • 24 black out fabrics in color and white
    • neutral  to the outside – white or color to the inside
    • bottom up top down operation
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  • Patterned honeycomb shades that strike the perfect balance between privacy and light control.

    Key Features…

    • only 1 inch in depth – perfect for inside mount installation
    • 46 exclusive fabrics from white and colors
    • all fabrics are light filtering
    • up to 60 inches in width with no operation strings
    • min width is only 9 inches – perfect for side lites and small windows
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